Sunday, August 17, 2014

Heading to France: UTMB

Tomorrow we are heading off to Chamonix, France for a few weeks of family vacation, running, and fresh mountain air. Mike is racing one of the most distinguished ultra races in the world...UTMB. You could say it is a 100-miler but I think this race is rumored to be anywhere between 103-110 miles and trust me, 10 extra miles on a mountain course hundred could be 2 extra hours so I would definitely want someone telling me 'congrats on your 104 mile finish!' -- Every mile needs to be recognized, it is hardwork out there, ya know? Though, I don't think it is quite 10 extra miles but I know it is over 100. What I do know is that Mike is feeling strong, confident and ready to climb and descend himself to a sub-30 hour finish. UTMB comes towards the end of our trip -- race start at 5pm on Friday, August 29th. Over the weeks, we'll get a very good feel of the course, weather, and hope the blood is altitude tolerant by then.

As for me, I just cannot wait to get my legs into some true mountain running. I will definitely maintain 3x speed sessions a week because lord knows I need speed BUT I will take every advantage of the yummy awe-inspiring trails out there. So incredible! (and I am not even there yet!). I can't wait to show Anders the raw beauty of the mountains. It is so awesome to explore the world with my two favorite men in hand. This time we decided to plant ourselves in one place so we won't be flying, riding, driving in every direction. We are lucky enough to have friends come visit and Mike's parents to make to trip for the second week. I never take these moments for granted as it is such a blessing and opportunity.

In terms of my run training, it has been going exactly (or even better) as planned. I have finally decided on my fall marathon -- NYC! I am thrilled, jazzed, nervous, pumped and ready to GET-AFTER-IT. The most exhilarating, heart rate pumping, panic attack inducing thing about NYC is that I wilL be starting with the elites. Up front. Leading off all the thousands of runners. Can you believe that? Wow, incredible. So, yes, maybe not the absolute fastest course on paper but that will not deter my efforts in running a 2:42. I will run a 2:42! and to do it in NYC would be one of the absolute greatest accomplishments of my athletic life. I have just welcomed 90-mile weeks back into my life and am hitting 3-speed sessions a week. I am currently making Thursdays (one of my hardest days) a split double with a 8-11mile run in the morning and a HARD, long team workout at night (another 10 miles). That will get me strong...if I survive.

I will hopefully get some updates or at the very least, training pictures from France.

For now, AU REVOIR!