Thursday, June 5, 2014

5 years ago...

I’ll try not to make this write up to sappy but I just cannot believe that Mike and I got married 5 years ago...5 years! Wow, it really makes me reflect and appreciate everything that life has thrown at us over these last few years. Moving across the country, moving back from moving across the country, good races -- bad races all over the world, going to train in Thailand then realize I shouldn’t be training in Thailand (oh decisions),  having our beautiful (full of energy) son (with some drama of course). So many amazing memories but let’s be honest, I didn’t appreciate everything thrown at me in those 5 years but even when I lost my Dad in the absolute worst way possible, I realized, even more than ever, how much I could lean on Mike and how many tears he could actually handle. Without the bad, you’d never fully appreciate the good. Mike and I, we just fit together. Simple as that.
5 years ago we made a promise to each other that we would try to be the absolute best team of two ever to have joined together. We are doing pretty darn good and so lucky when that team of 2 grew to 3 -- welcome Anders. Sometimes I laugh because we are constantly moving which always makes life interesting and exciting. A lot of people reflect on their past as the best time of their lives but I am living mine right now, each day. I wouldn’t change a thing. To realize in life how truly blessed you are and to embrace each day with fearless happiness and careless joy, that is living and I cannot wait for what the future years bring us and our family. So, to celebrate our anniversary, I am flying Anders and I to visit with my family for 2 weeks. Brilliant timing on my part. Mike will be solo for not only our anniversary but Father’s day as well. Sorry Mike. Anyways, we are now off to some northwoods of Wisconsin cabin family bonding. Crossing my fingers for a bugless year...haha, never happening. Out running flies definitely helps you get in some speedwork!

I love you Mikey! (yep, that was sappy)