Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Someone's Racing in January...not me

It hasn't been the easiest start to 2014...running wise. Yes, the weather has thrown us some snow, rain, ice and wind but my left knee is the bigger problem right now. We were in Chicago over Christmas planning our little 15-mile a day extravaganza and guess who hurt her knee on day 1 (one!), ME. It was a combination of ice and gnarly snow running plus the runners stubbornness to not take a day off. After 3 days of running/limping, I shut it down for a whopping 2 days then said, oh my gosh, Boston marathon is soooo close. Train. Train. Train. Again, not smart. My advice to others is always sense-able. My advice to myself is that if I can manage to train through this I'll not fall behind in training. Ah, yes...stupidity at its finest and yet, I keep going. I am now at the point where it has gotten better but it is certainly not healed. I had a day off on Sunday, iced the hell out of my knee then felt pretty darn good yesterday (Monday) so I do a short tempo, hill work, a double run – get in around 18 miles. Overdoing it because it finally felt NOT-TO-BAD then it aches all night and I limp around this morning. What's wrong with me? Oh lordy. My only hope is that it is getting better. I am in far better shape then 2 weeks ago and doing better then last week but I am kinda an idiot. So, I keep running because I am not smart but have pushed through a many of pains and hurts to come out perfectly ok with no loss in training. I cross my fingers this turns out the same. Hey, I am running less than I would without this injury...maybe I am a little smart? Anyways, hopefully I can report an all healed in the near future.

On a good note, Mike is actually going into a bit of (uninjured!) taper mode for the H.U.R.T. 100 in Hawaii. A week and a half and he'll be off running (sorta) and going to be battling all sorts off demons on that course. Of course, it is going to be fun and adventure of a lifetime but seriously HARD. Mike is smart though. He knows it is a hike, not a run and the reality is that this race will test you every which way. There are 5 x 20mile loops with 4 water crossings each loop, roots, ruts, dips, basically only climbing or descending. Maybe one of the most technical races out there. It will be hot and humid. DARK. And just plan evil. A good evil. I have to decide when I'm going to jump in. Pacers can start after loop number 2 but I also have to keep the little man (Anders) happy on the homefront. Tough call as I know the most pivotal, painful loop is probably loop number 4. I just need to make sure Anders is comfortably asleep though he has a tendency to wake up around 3am and while he easily falls back asleep for me, I'm not sure that will be the case for someone else. The problem is each loop will take 6 hours or so and that means I'll be away for 7-8hours but of course, Anders might not be on Hawaii time within 2 days anyways. Well, it will be exciting...for all of us!