Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Getting ready for Philly and redemption!

Oh man, I'm tired. After the Hartford marathon, I was ticked, frustrated. I still am. I know, you can't change the past, only the future blahblahblah That's why I'm doing the Philly Marathon but still -- Damn you, marathons! So now I am sitting here and have a 6-mile tempo run on the schedule which I was planning on running tomorrow but the rain made me switch it today and I'm mentally not ready. I gave myself 3 days off after Hartford, decided not to run the JFK 50-miler, and immediately signed up for Philadelphia (Nov. 17) where I am hoping to NOT see the number 5 in my time (unless, of course, it is a 2:45). I've been hitting the roads hard but I'm definitely ready for a little break from structure.

I dragged myself or I should say my buddy Oz dragged me through 20 miles on Monday, yesterday I ticked off an easy double run for 14, and today I have to get my body to run 5:50s around Central Park. 5:50s seems very daunting right now...hell, sub-7s seem daunting. I don't know, sometimes the body says 'no thanks' but I can't listen to that 'no thanks' today. If I want to sneak under 2:50 in Philly, I know I need to remind my legs how to turn over somewhat fast. Fast hasn't been a huge part of training these past 3 weeks and I can feel it.

It is the final push – my last chance of the season to put together a race I'm proud off. 5 weeks between marathons may not be enough time but I have to try. It is hard to know exactly what I should be doing. I have a lot of opinions and those opinions are forcing me out the door for a tempo run but part of me thinks maybe I should just sleep instead of train haha. Listen, I'm excited about the Philadelphia Marathon just wish the body was feeling a bit more excited. Maybe some extra rest next week will help but this week I need to train. Ok, time for some much needed caffeine, a few miles warm-up, and some fast miles around the Park...

Happy Runner!
UPDATE after I ran my tempo run:

Ok, felt I needed to give a quick update because above I was definitely crying about my aformentioned tempo run but I just finished and nailed a 28second PR around Central Park, what?! Oh yay, 35:19. The lesson learned is that you never know how you'll perform even if you feel like a slug. Huge thanks to my friend Oz for 'jogging' with me. He made it happen. Here's the breakdown:

Mile 1 – 5:52
Mile 2 – 5:46
Mile 3 – 5:59 (harlem hill)
Mile 4 – 5:52 (westside rollers)
Mile 5 – 5:39...put in music, can you tell?!
Mile 6 – 5:45

5:49 average. Getting closer to a sub-35 Central Park loop. That will be an exciting day!