Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Years Old!

 Our little man turned TWO! Birthdays really remind you that time moves fast. Anders has filled our house with so much laughter and craziness and love. He is a blessing (and at times, a curse haha). You just look at him and know you'd do anything for the little guy. We celebrated with his cousins and tons of messy fun. I thought it would be great to have all the kids do some calm fingerpainting on nice, clean construction paper and lined them all on our porch bench only to realize that these are kids and quickly our entire bench was covered in beautiful paint. It actually looked quite awesome and considering we are tearing it down next year...I said what the heck! Anders had a blast. Anything messy wet and gooey is his perfect day. Giant bubbles, pinatas, scavenger hunt...it was an awesome day full of play and giggles. Of course, we ended with a dance party and I even made some healthy-ish cupcakes. Yep, cupcakes! White rice, a bit of sugar, and some coconut milk frosting can go a long way.

As for my training, it is finally coming around. The confidence is slowly coming back and so is the speed. I haven't been overly focused on top end speed, more endurance type speed. Running consistently at or just below marathon pace almost 4x a week. My mileage is lower then a few months ago but I wasn't putting in so many hard efforts. 10-mile tempos and the long race simulations runs are a staple plus some short interval work...1 mi or less. Yesterday I nailed my workout! The first workout that really made me think I might be able to run faster than my goal time. 16 miles around Central Park holding 6:12/mi – Awesome. The scary part is that I have 2 more of these runs (though, longer) before Hartford so really hoping I can keep hitting the times and distance.

Mike is starting back at it after his bout with a stress fracture. Of course, he already has a 100k lined up in a few weeks. I can go on record saying that I don't think it is smart but he won't listen. Not saying I'm ever the smartest, it is just important to note I don't 100% approve s that if anything happens I'm kind of off the hook.

Loving that fall is right around the corner meaning faster running is upon us! Yippeee...