Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summer Days

Right now, the days tend to drift by in a perfect little rhythm. It has taken quite a few weeks to get back on track. After my disaster of a marathon performance in Vermont, I headed up to my Mom's cabin in Northern Wisconsin with my little guy. I decided 1 week off, 1 week easy and then back to training when back in NYC. Well, the back to training followed with the question, “What the hell is wrong with me?”. My body wasn't cooperating. Fatigue, tiredness, inability to motivate myself. I kept pushing through hoping that maybe this was just a major post-race rut and that I dug very deep to finish 4th in Burlington leaving me dead to the world. I finally came around. Finally. I mean, I just snapped back. One morning, I'm like oh wow, I feel better. I managed a decent 5-miler while feeling oh so yucky. I don't know...the body and mind have their own agendas I guess.

The summer days are amazing and hot and sticky. I love it though realize that running at 10am is a blessing in the winter and a sweat filled mess in the summer. The race calender is a beautiful thing as your main races end up in spring and fall meaning the summer is a perfect time to build, build, build and have FUN! Anders is my absolute favorite training partner. Our second runs of the day are always about whipping around the park and picking the coolest sprinkle park we can find. I never put pressure on these second runs. It is about spending time with my little man and finding all the secret treasures in Central Park. After an hour of play, Anders is happy to sit back and snack in his stroller for another 3 miles or so. Summer is so easy. Clothing is optional and playtime unlimited. Oh yes.

What do we have on the calendar next...Mike's Vermont 100! Then we will head off to Europe for a bit of vacation and some fun runs for me. I can't wait for my races. I'm doing a trail marathon in Germany and the next weekend racing Stockholm's very first ultramarathon (only 50k for me). These races are nothing more than racing for the love of racing. I learned last year that hoping to race at the absolute top of your game while traveling with a toddler is pretty much impossible and causes undo stress on what should be an amazing adventure. This year I don't care if I walk the whole race. I just want to actually sit back (not literally) and enjoy the race experience.

Alrighty, off to run. Need to get out the door...