Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Say It Isn't So...

Two weeks ago, I convinced Mike that for his second run he should do hill repeats that would simulate the Vermont 100 meaning walk the uphills, run the downhills. My bad. Downhill #2 sent a spike of pain up his back and yes, of course, he painfully hobbled through the rest of the workout. He even tried to convince me he could jog home with Anders and me but I quickly pulled the plug because I knew he was hurting. After seeing the chiropractor and resting (somewhat), he reluctantly went to a hip specialist who sent him to get an MRI which showed that he fractured his sacrum...an ugly running injury due to high mileage and possibly an imbalance of some joint, ligament (can have an imbalanced ligament, who knows?). I honestly think Mike has one leg longer than the other and this has contributed to all his bouts of groin pain, back pain, butt pain. I'm no doctor though it seems something structurally isn't perfect.

No Vermont 100. I'm gutted for Mike. If Mike was a superhero, the VT100 would be his ultimate enemy. He adores the race and talks about it all year. He even attempts to memorize the course and visualize aid stations. He is obsessed but the race hates him. Chews him up, spits him out. He was so strong these months leading up. He even dabbled in the 120-140 mile range for training weeks. I truly thought that he would have ran between 17-18 hours on a perfect day. That's fast. Mike is so so bummed. I know it's just a race but all the hard work – day in, day out...4:45am wake-ups, double sessions, lunges a million, wall sits until you bleed out the ears seems to go to naught. I mean, it sucks. There's nothing I can say though I do need to to remind him to let it heal. He's taken on the new challenge of studying for 2 financial tests. At least he'll feel he accomplished something in his time of healing. Yep, from 100 mile race to flashcards and fancy financial terminology. Yuck.

Honestly, it is like we're experiencing a death in the family. Haha it is very somber around here. Poor guy.