Saturday, April 13, 2013

Unanticipated Taper

Wow! Mike had such an amazing race last weekend. His official time was 17:38:37. To give perspective on that time, He was 14th - I told Mike that he probably had a chance to break 18 hours if he had a perfect day. Well, he pretty much had the perfect day...let's be honest, no 100-mile race goes without a low point but Mike shuffled through those low points which is key to a solid 100mi time. Walking is where you lose so many minutes or hours or even days haha.

My pacing duties began at mile 75. I jumped in with a little Nathan backpack and carried some extra clothes, food, headlamps, water. The pack was a bit overloaded but I wanted to be ready for anything. Little did I know that that pack was going to crush me. I mean an extra 5-10lbs over 25 miles wreaked havoc on my legs plus of course, idiot me, I tried some new trail shoes which left my feet bruised and battered. Oh geez, I think I needed more recovery from that race than Mike. I struggled in silence though because that is what a good pacer does. You are a servant to your runner and Mike would never let me live it down if I told him I was hurting at mile 21 and he was on mile 96. Right, so I just gritted my teeth and cursed myself for the shoes. Anyways, I shuffled along with Mike. Chatting about random things, enjoying the day/night, keeping him hydrated but to be honest, he didn't really need me. He was so together that it was just like we were going out for a normal run. We laughed though because it's such a weird date night!

I think the hardest part of the race was having to get out there lickity split. They only were opening the gates to exit/enter the park on the hour every hour. If you missed the gate opening, you were stuck for another hour waiting for it to be opened. Stupid but their policy so I hit a few runners flying out of there at 100mph but we MADE the gate opening! The aftermath of the race was bad for Mike...HE FELT BAD. I tried my best to help him but his body was pretty much revolting. Anyways, I think we managed to get to sleep (and Anders back to sleep by 2:30am).

The next morning is when I realized how badly that backpack/shoe/26mile combo beat me up. I was going to only do a small 3-mile jog but my mom and I ended up on a bit of an adventure and my 3 turned into 10. This week turned into an unanticipated taper-recovery because I just couldn't get my feet back under me. I have the MORE fitness half tomorrow which helped me be able to lay low. I really am hoping for a sub 1:20 but think I have a 1:18 something in the tank. Central park 2x loops is a tough slow course and with 9,000+ women doing 2 loops the 2nd loop is slow, boggled down, with no direct way to get water (which I think I may forgo). We'll see how it goes. I am excited but definitely nervous. I'm #75 – a nyrr double digit means I'm getting faster!