Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Umstead 100 is Here!

Mike's big race weekend is here. The Umstead 100 mile race! Race starts at 6:00am Saturday. We are flying down to North Carolina tomorrow. My mom is meeting us in route. The weather looks pretty good. I was crossing my fingers for 70s, that's not going to happen but at least there won't be any rain (as of now) and no rain, means good weather. Saturday night could drop into the 40s so warm gear is required though a funny thing with running 100 miles is that eventually your body can get a bit out of whack. Even if it was 80 degrees at night sometimes you'll feel freezing - preparedness is key.

Mike has 8 x 12.5 mile loops and I will pace him the last 2 loops (25 miles). Anders has been having a tough go at night meaning my mom might have her own 100-mile race so to speak. There has been only one time I have not put Anders to sleep and he cried for about an hour and a half before he decided to close his eyes. Poor guy. This week he's also reverted back to waking 3-4x a night so that will be interesting when he sees Mema (grandma) to the rescue and not mama. Oh boy, don't know how to help him on the sleep front but hopefully Mike can get his ass in gear those last 25 miles and we are at the hotel before 1pm (that would be awesome!). Good luck grandma...

As for our little Easter weekend in Connecticut, it was awesome. Three days of fun. Anders had no idea what to make of it. He was the happiest little boy because he spent most of the time outside exploring which is where he'd like to be all hours of the day. He loved just sitting by the lake throwing rocks in. He sat there for almost an hour. I couldn't believe it. We even got our docks in place before they raised the lake's water level. I cooked a vegan holiday meal on Sunday: stuffed portebello mushrooms, veggie pizza, tahini sweet potato salad, smoked lentil bread drizzled with maple syrup, vegan cheesecake and apple banana crumble...NO ONE went home starving and everything was finished. There was officially licking of plates.

I will keep everyone updated on how Mike's race goes. Check twitter for Umstead 100 reports. You can also get live updates from Umstead's website here: