Monday, April 29, 2013

A Beautiful Win

Anders helping me juice

We had such an awesome day yesterday. I ran the Cheshire half marathon which is probably one the most family friendly races I have ever been to. They start off with 2 kids races – short course and long course plus they offer a 5k as well as the 13.1 racing option. Bounce houses, super slides, playground and the greatest of all, enough toilets for everyone and that is amazing. 

We had a sunshiny day...warm and beautiful. I ran a 1:19:45 to take the win and am feeling more confident each day that I can run a 2:47-48 in Burlington, VT in 4 weeks at the Keybank marathon. I gradually am chipping away time from my half marathon but as always I must simply hurry slowly. I have only been focusing on 'fast' running for about 1 year so improvements will come at a steady rate as long as I am smart and in control. Anders probably had the greatest time of all yesterday. I swear he ran 3 miles. The kid just loves to run and run and cheer on everyone coming through the finish. Some how I managed to keep him up until 1:30pm and he crashed for 3 hours! I mean, Anders typically naps 1h30min. Only one time, in his baby life, he slept for 2 hours so a 3 hour siesta was shocking. I had to check he was breathing.

 From now until May 26, I have to keep focused. My training will ramp up for 3 weeks. I'll do a little 10k race on May 11 but other than that I am purely in training mode. It's exciting. I have been so focused on this race. Can't wait to try and break that 2:50 barrier – that's a big one in running.

Off to run...