Friday, March 22, 2013

The Races are Coming

Photo courtesy of Ben Ko

Race season is finally here! I am so excited. I am pretty much racing every 2 weeks until December. Obviously, not every race is a goal race but it is still fun to get out there and soak in all the energy that races bring. Right now, my focus is entirely on the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon on May 26. Three half marathons and one 10k will be raced before stepping to that start line so hopefully I will be ready to race upfront...for the WIN. Yikes, that gives me a few butterflies but I am going to be prepared. I am slowly slowly ramping up my weekly mileage. I think that by the end of April I will be able to do a few 95-100 mile weeks without completely shattering myself though for me, not losing my speed is key to a fast race so if I feel my speed s lacking due to high mileage, I'll pull it back to an 80-90 mile week.

Mike is gearing up for the Umstead 100 in a few weeks. I am very excited to be able to pace him for the last 24 miles...thank you MOM! I really hope he has a solid race. A 100-miler never is flawless - even if you are prepared, you're unprepared. It is a long day. Obviously, he has the best pacer around so it should be no problem those last 'few' miles. I'll make sure to wear tight shorts!

Anders is starting to say a lot more words and he is an ASL (sign language) animal. He even is starting to sing which is the absolute cutest. He is so full of energy...I love it.