Friday, March 8, 2013

One More Snow Day

Anders sledding with Papa

As I am writing this, the snow is coming down outside my brick-facing NYC apartment. I know that when I can visually see the snow falling through our grim windows then it must really be coming down. It is quite beautiful but I refuse to fall victim to winter's temptation. No I will not openly embrace this winter day...well, not fully. Running in soft snow is one of my favorites though this doesn't lure me from my love of summer sunshine and running in shorts. Anders continually reminds me as the morning winds on that there is snow falling and he needs to play in that goodness. I was just hoping my stubborn refusal to adore this most brilliant of winter scenes would bring spring sooner and summer even faster. How many times must I pray to Mother Nature?!

I'm getting ready for a 15-mile treadmill session
Alas, I will send myself running out into this winter wonderland and maybe make a snow angel or two with Anders but remember, that doesn't mean I'm giving in...I'm just coming to terms. I must admit, training has been going very well. The treadmill and I have had some crushing sessions and if I close my eyes tight enough, it almost feels like I am running under the humid sunshine of Hawaii until the treadmill flings me into the wall because I forgot I was closing my eyes. Nothing brings you back to reality quicker then falling off your treadmill.

Anders has joined an amazing gym class though I learned the term amazing is relative as he as taken all he has learned and put it to use climbing on everything in our apartment. Bumps and bruises are the life of this tiny man but I love it. He's inventive and creative and super active. Anders just cracks me up. I love this little guy. It is unbelievable how joyous, silly, and simple he makes life. How did I live life without him?!