Friday, March 1, 2013

Moving forward...

Ran my first little race of the season...well, unless we forget about Bermuda. I'm working on erasing that from my memory as that was a very painful, whole family deeply under-the-weather vacation weekend. No fun but onwards and upwards so last weekend was a half marathon in Central Park. NYCRUNS is putting on so many great races around the city. It will be fun to have more race options on the weekends. I didn't need to be a superhero at this race. There wasn't any prize money so it truly becomes a race for training. Plan 1 is to WIN. Plan 2 is to run 6:10/mi. Both happened. I am a happy runner and went on to train a full training week with no need for any major recovery runs. My first true test of speed will be in about 4 weeks at the Sleepy Hollow half marathon. I need to continually chop bits off my half marathon time and get it sub-1:18 by October hopefully a sub 1:17 but that may be asking a bit too much this season though a challenge is good.

I am loving that spring is rolling in. The sun is feeling a bit warmer and shorts are becoming a regular occurrence again. Anders is a lover of the outdoors. He would be outside from sun-up to sundown if he it were up to him. I love it. I love how much the simple things become so awesome like sticks and dirt...amazing or who could forget the beauty of sand? Of course, I think every mom has a bit of hatred towards sand. I'll bring half the sandbox home with us then you have sand creepy its way into all corners of the apartment. I do have to laugh because no matter how many times I tell Anders that we don't eat sand, he always tries to sneak it in that little mouth then goes on to gag and cry and panic that he ate sand. Oh boy!

Anders helping me clean

Off to Vermont this weekend. Mike and our friends will be racing the snowshoe marathon in Pittsfield, VT and I get to COOK! Oh yay...vegan lasagna, fancy salads, no bake (almost raw) chocolate torte. Mike keeps telling me to not go too crazy but I'm definitely going to go crazy. I love cooking for people. Excited.