Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter's dream

 We had such a great time skiing in Colorado. The winter never seems so bad when you have snow-capped mountains staring at you every morning. It was even nicer to be with my mom, grandpa, and uncles. It is always great to have a big crew out there attacking the snow. My mom built up the courage to make it all the way up to the top and take the green runs. My mom took a few good falls which threw me into a panic but she does a lot of yoga so she was pretty resilient out there and eventually got the hang of things. Maybe she'll do some blue runs next year!

We are back in New York and I am back to praying for warm weather. I am such a wimp. I mean, I grew up in Chicago and those winters aren't nice. I don't know...I'm weak. It also doesn't help that getting Anders to go outside literally takes 20 minutes and is quite the battle. He loves it outside so the on-off game of winter gear is typically a 3x a day occurrence. What I am trying to say is I am ready to say good bye to winter. Good news is that I am getting ready to run a tempo run today and I am wearing shorts.

I am now registered on DailyMile.com. I thought it would be pretty cool to let everyone see the exact training I do...yep, that means honest training paces, good workouts, bad workouts, EVERYTHING. I try to post only once a day even though I do at least 2 workouts a day but I put the breakdown of workouts in the comment section.