Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To the mountains

We are off to the mountains of Colorado. Even though I have been dreaming of warm-hot-roasting weather, I love the mountains especially when I am skiing down them (a bit out of control). I am no natural skier. I was raised on water sports and in the flat lands of Illinois so even though many believe there is a cross over between water skiing and snow skiing...for me, there is not. Of course, I also am severely stubborn and don't listen to anyone's instruction so that doesn't really help me get down the mountains gracefully. It's ok. I really love it.

It actually has become quite a family trip. My mom is meeting us out in Colorado. My Grandpa has already been out there skiing (at 80!!!) for about a month and about 4 or 5 of my uncles will be out there for the weekend as well. Very exciting. Anders, as always, is along for the fun as well. Can't wait to get that little guy in ski school (next year). For now, we are all doing are part to make sure he enjoys Colorado as much as the rest of us. My mom will be a ton of help but we also have a sitter for three of the days for 4 hours which lets us all get out and hit the snow hard (hopefully not hard in the way of wipe-outs).

Hopefully, I stay in one piece. To the mountains...