Monday, January 14, 2013

Slower but Faster

All Smiles after tempo run PR

 Last week, my friend shouted to me from her bike, “You seem to be running slower these all right?!”. Ugh, not what you want to hear as you slug through miles attempting to get faster. I felt like such a slouch. Intentionally, I have had to back down on speed in order to get my weekly mileage up. There have been days where I literally could barely run 9:00 minute miles but I just plodded through. Most of my miles are on the slower side but a necessary evil in order to get to the mileage I need in order to build enough strength, resilience and yes, even speed for a 2:42 (or less!) marathon. Luckily, the next day I had a tempo run around Central Park which comes out to about 6 miles or if you are exact exact then maybe 6.05 miles but who's counting (, always).

Oh the holy tempo run with my running partner Oz who I cried to about having a bit of a cough and sinus problems and doing no speed. Of course, he just told me to get my pansy ass moving and I had a 2-minute head start. Alrighty, headphones on and I was off. 6:02 first mile with Cat hill – not bad, not too fast actually feeling pretty darn good. Next 3 miles at 5:52, 6:03 (Harlem Hill), 5:52. Very surprised that I was feeling so good and decided to speed up a bit to a 5:48 5th mile. Probably should have taken a gel at some point because with a 3 mile warm-up and late afternoon start mama was starting to see stars but managed a 5:56 last mile. I PR'ed the park loop with a 35:49 time!!! Sadly Oz did catch me right at the end and took advantage of my depleted state and inability to kick it in. I was happy. Even though I've been doing much less speed but much more miles I am still banging out fast times. Awesome. Makes me excited and more comfortable with my sluggish run days.

Happy 60th Birtday Mama Lynn
Celebrated Mike's mom's 60th birthday this past weekend with a broadway show, good food, and some happy drinks. My quote, bubbly makes me bubbly so let's drink some bubbly...yep, makes no sense but 60th mom birthdays only come once so we did some senseless celebrating and had a ton of laughs. Happy Birthday NaNa Lynn!!!

All Nana and Papa's grandkids...crazy crew