Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year, New Post

2012 did not end as planned. I was disappointed but not upset. Life isn't just about racing anymore and it takes a bit more to get from A to B with a little one in tote. California International Marathon was supposed to be my big year end race. I felt I could run a 2:47. I was ready then suddenly San Francisco clamors up a freak rain storm and leaves us really no option but to cancel the trip. Mike has had as bad as luck as me with racing having NYC marathon canceled (another freak storm) and then not being able to go out to race North Face 50 in San Fran. Oh lordy, well, I didn't want to waste my speed or training so I got another marathon on the calendar in Florida 2 weeks later. Well, 2 weeks later rolls around and Anders gets the flu, mom gets the flu, and daddy, yep, gets the bug. At first, I thought ok, ok get another marathon in February but common sense kicked in and I decided to use winter for base building and a little skiing.
I want to get my average weekly mileage to be consistently between 80-95 miles. It will take a few slower type weeks before I could do that type of mileage with 3x speed sessions a week plus powercranks and strength. January and, build, build then I want to focus on speed, speed, speed. I actually don't even know if I'll do a marathon this spring. I may try to bang out ½ marathons, 10ks 2-3x a month and creep my time down. 2013 there is only one athletic goal – qualify for the olympic marathon trials. I am so happy they gave us a bit longer qualifying period. Any USATF certified race from August 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015 with a sub-2:43 time gets me there (so easy, right?! Haha no). That will break down to a 6:12 per mile pace but I will train for a 2:42 (6:10/mi). We all need a buffer out there. I am excited! Pumped for this goal. I also promise to blog minimum once a week just to keep our little adventures better updated.

Everything else is awesome. Anders is starting to sleep a bit longer then 2 hours at a clip. This will definitely help me. I need sleep. 16 months without sleeping longer than 3 hours at a time has finally made me feel like I am taking crazy pills so I have had to give some tough (gentle) love to Anders and after 3 rough nights he's starting to give me some sleep. I'm crossing my fingers that we are on a new phase of sleep. Mama needs sleep!