Monday, October 29, 2012

Victory at Cape Cod

Truthfully, not a picture from Cape Cod but still from a marathon so it counts
It is still very strange for me to go into races saying that my main goal is to win. I mean, there are some races I will never win and I am definitely ok with that but Cape Cod wasn't the smallest marathon on the circuit nor was the prize purse mediocre so great runners are bound to show up. I showed up and I showed up to win...ready to fight almost to the death for first if need be. My body has been feeling great and my morning warm-up before the race was awesome. I just felt ready and overly excited to run. This is a nice change from my triathlon pre-race feelings. Not saying that I don't love triathlon but the swim always lurked in my head and never made me feel comforted at the start line.

I was pleasantly surprised that the bathroom lines weren't overly packed so I was able to squeeze out every little drop of liquid in two porta-potty stops. This is very important as I never felt I needed to pee the whole race which makes for much more pleasant running. Goal one was to run the first half in 1:24:10. I joined a group of about 7 guys and decided I best just stay with the pack. I couldn't believe the amount of talking one of the guys in the group was able to sustain. I'm the energy buddy. He even commented on how quiet I was. Yep, maybe because I was running and didn't have much to say to Mr. ChitChatMcGee. Oh lordy. Anyway, it was a strong group of guys. Most knew running etiquette and even one shared his unfinished water with me! Huge thanks for that. As a group we ran through 13.1 at 1:24:05...perfect.

The group separated at about mile 15. I was planning to take the uphills rather conservatively so stayed back but still had 2 guys to run with. Of course, chattyFred was still with us though I think his talking took a toll because I believe he dropped behind us at about mile 19. Anyways, I ended up running with an awesome guy. So nice. We really worked together to the finish. He even broke the wind for a mile or two. The wind wasn't an issue until mile 23 where it was strong (or maybe I was weak) but by then, I was dealing with an extremely sore right hip and getting tired so the wind was just another little present. I knew I had the lead so I relaxed a bit. Especially with my weird limp hip, I guess it is a marathon and things will sneak up. We (guy runner #1 and I) finished in 2:52. VICTORY!

I loved seeing Mike and Anders all over the course. I loved that my stomach felt amazing. I loved having people to run with. The course was amazing. The spectators awesome. I will definitely be back next year! I'm happy. Now for a 1 week heal up, survive Hurricane Sandy, attempt to fly to Chicago sometime this week, and get back to training November 5 for a sub-2:50 Sacramento marathon in 4 weeks.