Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthdays and New Adventures

I honestly can't believe we already celebrated Anders' birthday. I can't even really remember what life was like without this little guy. He is my love, that is for sure. It truly is remarkable how much more beautiful life becomes with kids. Anders is filled with giggles. He is amazed by everything and dances at every note I sing and laughs at every silly joke I tell. The world is full of colors and awe. He has given me more confidence and definitely more joy. I just love my little man...Happy Birthday Anders!

Last weekend was my very first 5-miler. It was a true runners' battle from start to finish. I knew Mekdes from NYRR races and I also knew she was going to push my limits. I ran on her heels for most of the race. Just before 3 miles, I attempted a slight break away on a downhill but she quickly closed that gap on the uphill. I realized this was going to come down to the finishing kick...I have no finishing kick. I can do 5:45 pace maybe a 5:30 if pushed but that's it. When we turned the corner for the finish wt quarter of a mile to go. She went and I, well, I died a slow a painful death. 2nd but a PR (29:06, 5:49 pace). I actually loved battling and am excited to have more head-to-head races as it pushes me to some awfully painful limits.

So, for this weekend, I go from road 5 miler to a trail, obstacle course 26++ miles at the Killington, VT Ultra Beast Spartan race. I don't honestly know how I thought this was a good idea. I like the thought of making some very nice cash but not sure how I'll fair climbing ropes, walls, under barbed wire and getting punted to the ground by over testosteroned males. I know I can run fast but the question is can I run fast after carrying my body weight or sand bags or dragging through mud. I'm nervous. My friends managed to convince me it's a runner's race then I here of girls training with tires and eating ox testicles (maybe an over exaggeration). The point is there will be fierce competition. Hopefully, I can run from them with my tail between my legs. Yikes though I will admit...I'm kinda excited!