Thursday, August 23, 2012

European Tour

Sometimes you take a vacation and then you come home and need a vacation from your vacation...yes, our European tour left us exhausted but we honestly had the time of our lives. What an adventure! The Swiss Alpine Marathon deserves a blog all to itself. It was an absolutely amazing venue. The course was spectacular and the crowd support even better. I felt amazing all day except for the 2 miles that went straight up the mountain where I thought I was either going to pass out or my legs were going to shut down. We had sunshine, rain, sleet, hail, thunder, freezing cold, snow then sunshine at the finish. I went under 8 hours and finished Top 6 but I will be back at that race some day fighting for 1st (I promise that). Yes, I fell completely in love with Switzerland. Beautiful. Magical.

Southern Italy was spent mostly on the water. We enjoyed the little islands and towns along the coast. We swam in sparkling blue water and enjoyed the company of 50 million dollar yachts. We stayed in the gritty heart of Salerno which left us with a true understanding of Italian culture and way of life. We made friends, laughed till it hurt, and realized that the best night sleep is not spent on a boat in a small bed with daddy, mommy, and Anders rolling between us like a ping pong ball.

Northern Italy was Anders ideal vacation. He had kids, playrooms, and giant dogs to bother. There we caught up with our closest friend, Marni and fell in love with her little town. It was all about good food, conversation and enjoying the simple life. I finally had people who would sip tea with me until after midnight finding ourselves enjoying the company and losing sense of time. It was wonderful and restored our energy as we headed off to London.

London, I wished I had longer to get to know you. With a blink of an eye, we already had to say our goodbyes. I loved the sights and the Olympic energy. It is such an historic, old world city. We went a million miles an hour to see everything we could on this trip. We were ambitious but it certainly led for a memorable 2 weeks. I must say that Anders was quite the trooper.