Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Miles of Travel

 Off to Switzerland today to begin an adventure filled 2 weeks in Europe. I have never been to Europe but have always dreamt off hiking through the Swiss Alps. My grandpa and grandma skied in Switzerland during the cold winter months and would send post cards when we were younger. I was amazed that such a beautiful place existed. It seemed so magical and surreal. I never imagined 20 years later that I would be running through those same mountains for 50 miles with my husband and little boy waiting at the finish line. Amazing! We have quite a trip planned. We will be all through Switzerland, Italy and ending in London for a bit of Olympic fever…can not wait for that.

My head is a bit spinning because it seems all I do lately is pack and unpack bags. I mean, I wouldn’t have it any other way but really wish that there was an ‘unpacking fairy’ that could magically clean and unload bags. Mike did the Vermont 100 this past weekend. We had a DNF but a valiant effort on his part blazing to 90 miles. He suffered a bad groin injury that left him without any running for about 10 weeks so for him to get to mile 90 still at under 20-hour pace was great. His legs gave up and he will live to fight the Vermont 100 once again. It is certainly a race that demands you do the training…you can’t fake 100 miles. Lesson Learned. Memories shared.


AJ said...

Hello Kate ;=) I am a fruity raw vegan living in Geneva, Switzerland and I am just starting training for triathlons and Ironman Zurich 2014. I saw you on Victoria's channel and was totally inspired :=) If ever you pass by Geneva and have a little time I would love to meet up and share some fruit if you are interested :=) (my email is ajchanter2005@hotmail.co.uk)

All my best and blessings,

Katie @ msfitrunner said...

I have to comment because I just somehow stumbled across your blog and am now going through random posts and seeing that you are super fast! I also read that your husband has done a couple races that my husband has done - namely the VT 100 and the snowshoe marathon in Pittsfield. My husband actually just attempted the 100 mile snowshoe this weekend - thank God he called it at mile 35 because it was so ridiculous, and came home. He's going back to leadville this summer to do the 100 again, he made it to mile 50 last year and got cut off. He's done VT100 three times, and the VT50 a few times, with 1 dnf in the 100. I paced him for the last 30 miles the last time he did it (amazing, and TOUGH!), and he finally got the buckle;-) That's what it's all about! Anyway, I'm no where near as fast as you, but I am also training, and going to be training hard to get to the olympic trials marathon - which will probably take me a good 2 years to get there, but I plan on getting there! I look forward to following along on your speedy journey!