Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Home Again

Anders and I have returned from Northern Wisconsin. Mike headed home a week before us so we definitely were excited to see the bachelor daddy. We had such an amazing time with the family enjoying the simple life. Anders got to have some serious playtime with his cousins. It was so much fun to see him awe struck at all the things big kids can do. He was taught many new things and is now proudly experimenting with his new found strength and determination. I anticipate many bumps and bruises!
We had a packed house up at my mom’s cabin as all my brothers and sisters came for a visit. We managed to fit in every sporting activity and played with my sister’s newest toy…a very legit wakeboard boat which meant we could learn to surf without the ocean. Of course, where there is travel in the Halovatch family also means there must be races. Mike, Marc (my brother in-law), and I did the Keyes Peak Marathon a week ago and this past weekend my sister, brother Craig and I did an off-road sprint triathlon which was so much fun (probably because the swim was only 300yds.). I even old schooled it with wearing run shoes in cages for the mountain bike and super happy to pull off a 17:57 5k in the trails. My groin has been giving me a bit of pain these days so wasn’t even sure if I would be able to run under 6:45/mi but things are feeling better. I think my leg needs a lot of TLC and that means bikram yoga, core and strength.

It is always sad for me to say goodbye. I truly enjoy my time in the northwoods. There is no other time in the year where it is all about spending time together. Playing games, biking through the woods, paddleboard conversations, popcorn at night, sunsets and laughter. I am so glad my entire family makes sure we are all together without distractions for at least part of the year. It forces us to slow down and enjoy life and Mother Nature. No matter how crazy life’s calendar becomes…I will always make sure to head up to Wisconsin with the family.