Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Running and Laughs

Saturday I ran the Brooklyn half marathon. A 7am start made for a 4:15 wake up call. It reminded me of ironman mornings but of course, this wasn’t even close to the mental preparation needed for an ironman. I felt like I had a million things to get done in order for all three of us to head out the door at 5:30am. Brooklyn may seem close to home but it is quite deceiving in proximity. We opted to drive to the start as we were heading to our lake house after the race. Of course, driving to the start means trekking a mile to our parking garage then weaving through the city only to find ourselves in traffic because a race in Brooklyn that has 15,000 runners means most of those runners are coming from the city.

videoI was a bundle of nerves and frustrations because I just wasn’t feeling the best. I’m not sure why but my body felt pretty bad Friday afternoon and evening and I still woke up feeling like a slug. The closer we inched to the start line the more panicky I felt. Mike kept telling me that I can only do what I can do and that it doesn’t really matter if I run a 1:30 or a 1:20 which is very sadly true. Once I topped Anders off with some milk, I jumped out of the car and jogged towards the start line (porta potties first). Once I was in the corral, I felt at ease. My body relaxed. I told myself to hold onto 6:10/mi pace for as long as possible. Before the gun went off, I was in a complete fit of laughs because my friend Michael threw me right next to Jason Hartmann (4th at Boston!). Here I am…little girl at the start line with 8 foot legs of a man who is possibly going to win this entire race. Oh gosh, it was embarrassing but I did tell Jason to Buckle UP because I’m going out in a 4:30 mile...maybe, possibly, only in my sweetest of dreams. He laughed. Anyways, I was able to hold 6:10/mi until mile 10 then the wheels fell off though I nailed nutrition and actually enjoyed the race because my pacing was excellent, my stomach calm, the course fun so all in all, strong race. I got my 1:21 and squeezed into top 10. Did you know Coney island is where they have the famous hot dog eating contest?! Gross but I could probably be a serious competitor if it was bananas or pineapple.

Death of a pigeon

Mike, Anders and I cleared out of there as fast as possible. Literally we were in the car at 8:30am. That’s a fast transition! Funny story -- As we were driving to Connecticut, we nailed a pigeon (not so funny) then one by one people were pointing to our roof explaining that we have a dead bird hanging out for the ride. Poor thing was crushed on top of our car. It was funny how many people felt it so severely important to mention we were hoarding a dead bird. We just smiled and said, “we know”…that creeped them out.