Monday, May 7, 2012

Fresh Mondays

I’m starting Monday with some very fresh legs. The kind of legs that beg to pound some pavement and push some pedals. Mentally, I’m ready to put in a huge week of training and push the intensity up a notch. Of course, there is absolutely no way I would have been ready to attack this week if I had ran the marathon yesterday. A part of me is sad not to have experienced the excitement of drilling out 26.2 miles but a bigger part of me knows that I wasn’t ready. I probably could have snuck under 3-hours though at what cost? A long discussion with my advisors Oz and Michael, both with 2:28 marathon PRs, made me realize the importance of having a clear goal and keeping on a straight line in order to achieve that goal. I also realize my goals are not small so that makes it even more imperative to keep my head down and work hard, train smart, and avoid toeing long course races just because it seems adventurous and fun. I was told I can do anything I want when I am in my 40s. That made me laugh but I get what they are saying. I will kick myself if I don’t reach my speed goals and I am loving this new challenge so I don’t feel like I am missing out...ok, sometimes I feel like I am missing out but I can’t help it. I get excited about races. Someone says they are doing Ironman Louisville, I want to do Ironman Louisville, someone says they are running for 24 hours, I want to run for 24 hours. Well, I did get the go ahead for some trail marathons even the nod for an ultra here or there if it falls just right on the calendar and with training. The trail doesn’t take as much out of your body as the road--it slows you down, let’s your body move in multiple planes of motion, and absorbs impact. Anyways, I couldn’t stay away from racing in the trails because it is what I loveloveLOVE! Moral of the story is that I am learning how to become a much more focused less compulsive athlete.

What does Monday present for the first day of a big week? First, we have bath time and playtime then I’m off to run some fast 400s/800s followed by the gym for strength and mobility work. A quick Anders feed and play then I have to get on my bike for a hard 1h30min indoor workout then I’ll join Vega for their hour webinar all about their newest products. After, I’ll get the little one ready for a loop around Central Park and a meetup with our girls for some more play then we head off to Whole Foods and load up on fruits and veggies. By the time, I get back home I am a starvin’ marvin and create some madness in the kitchen. It is really cute because Anders kind of knows when Daddy gets home and he waits to hear the door open. He gets so excited because he knows Dad will carry him all around.

Alrighty, let’s get this day started!