Monday, April 16, 2012

NYRR Half Marathon

Yesterday was officially my first start line of the year. Race mornings are a bit different nowadays. Anders woke me up at 5:45 to eat and stupid me forgot my alarm was on for 6:00 so I’m sure you could guess but Anders thought the alarm was set for him. So, he decided to help me get race ready. Of course, there isn’t much to do for a running race that is literally right out your door though I always seem to be in a hurry. I guess the reason for always feeling rushed at the end is that I try to get Anders to eat from me as close to race time as possible and if that doesn’t go over well then I will pump. The closer to race time I feed/pump, the less weight to carry on the course.

For the race start, I actually lined up right at the front this time instead of back of the pack. I will say that a 2-loop half marathon around Central Park is hard. Harlem Hill is always a toughy whether you are on mile 1 or 10. I almost lost it there the second time around. I definitely do not have enough strength to carry my speed past 9 or 10 miles. I hit round 2 Harlem and things started to slow done drastically. I probably needed an extra gel, a bit more water but truly it is that I don’t have enough training in my legs yet. I almost thought I was going to drop to 7 minute miles as I brought it home though I pieced myself back together on the descent and let myself recover for a half mile…a 6:50 mile snuck in there but saved myself from a blow up. Luckily, once we flattened out a bit, I got back to sub-6:20s. I ended up coming in 4th and ran the entire thing as a solo mission except for my exciting first mile where I decided I was a professional runner and took off with the lead group of women (Jen Rhines, Michelle Frey, Misganaw Alemtsehay). We clocked a 5:35ish first mile. Haha, I haven’t seen that mile time for 1 ½ years. Yes, it was speedy but proud that I didn’t clam up as usual and go out so conservative. Definitely didn’t go out cowardly! Broke my 5k record (under 18 min.) and realized that once I come around the loop again, I’m probably in trouble. It was worth it to actually feel what it may be like to cross over into pro running instead of triathlon. Hmm, tempting though it would take a good amount of time and commitment to get enough speed to even be a second pack contender in big races.

Overall, I’m happy. Bummed to not go under 1:22 but proud of how far I have come. I truly loved being out there and feel blessed to be given such an amazing opportunity to explore my talents fully. The best part of racing, honestly, is hugging Mike and Anders at the end. I feel like I couldn’t race if they weren’t there. I just love them to pieces and feel like where are an amazing family team.


Gene Pallardy said...

Hey Kate, Uncle Eug. I am an offocial Kate blogger fan so keep em coming.....Tell the fam hi and keep pumping!

Uncle Eug