Monday, April 2, 2012

First Run Back

Mike and I made the last minute decision to stay in the city this weekend due to rainy, cold weather forecasted for Connecticut. It is always a bit more relaxing to not have to travel on the weekends and gives us a lot more down time. I get the chance to catch up on some extra sleep as Anders is not exactly my night sleeper. I definitely blame myself for creating such a night monster but I honestly can’t help but to give him love and attention. I know I’ll eventually have to wean him from the all night mommy fest though for now, we’re happy and snuggling and making it through each day with (most of the time) enough energy to conquer playtime, workouts, chores, and everything else life throws our way.

I was actually able to finagle my way into a New York Road Runners 15k race on Sunday. It was a very last minute decision and took a bit of puppy dog eyes and begging but I was on the start line. Unfortunately, for me, my seeded number was in the last corral and there was no way of getting to the front so I lined up in the back and slowly worked my way up to the front. I still had a wall of runners in front of me but really there was nothing I could do. The gun goes off and after weaving my way through at least 200+ runners I was in the clear though that took me a whole mile and my first mile clocked at 6:50...not good. Well, I ended up in 2nd and kept my average pace below 6:20 so I am happy and even happier to have company. I will be putting in one final strong week of running before my half marathon in 2 weeks. I officially have new shoes on my feet...hello New Balance. Hopefully, we have a winner.

The rest of this week is filled with family visits. My Aunt is in town with her daughters to explore the big city and then Mike, Anders and I are headed to Chicago on Thursday for Easter. I can’t wait. I haven’t seen my sisters or brothers since Christmas and it is so much more fun with Anders as every time they see him he is doing new things and growing more and more into such a beautiful, goofy, lovable little boy.