Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back on the Start Line

The energy is changing in Central Park. There is a buzz in the air, a bit more commotion around the 10k loop. The number of runners, bikers, walkers has quadrupled then of course, there are a thousands of tourists that wander in aimless circles but I love them because people watching is always entertaining. As the energy starts shifting, I can feel the butterflies in my stomach that can only come from the knowledge that race season is here. Oh yes, good old start and finish lines. Pushing limits, testing abilities, meeting new people, feeling alive (and sometimes half dead)…competing. Racing truly wraps a million emotions in one.

Big Thanks to Vega for fueling me through workouts

I don’t have a disciplined approach to my race schedule this year. I planned 2012 to be a building year then reevaluate to see exactly what I will fight for in 2013. Do I want to run? run fast? keep the focus on triathlon? race ultras? Not quite sure. My training is much different than in the past. I am between 15-18 hours of training each week, a little different from 25 hours. I am putting a bigger focus on running. I only swim 2 short sessions a week and get about 4 -5 bike workouts mainly indoors. I can see huge progress in my running, biking I am pretty unsure. Rev3 in June will be a good indicator of my tri fitness and hopefully, I can surprise myself. A big part of me likes the idea of focusing on running because I feel I can train 100% for it and probably do quite good though another part of me still loves triathlon but the reality is that I am not training quite how I should. I won’t sit to well with me if I can’t be as strong as I was in the past. I guess that’s just being human…who wants to regress? Yep, I want progress. So, we’ll see. It will be a racing adventure this year. I’m dabbling in everything. A 50-miler in Switzerland. Possibly ironamn NYC. 10ks, marathons. Oh boy, I better start training!

Next race - April 15, MORE fitness half marathon in Central Park...start line 100 yds. from my front door!