Monday, March 5, 2012

First Feeding

Saturday was Ander’s first real eating of food. Wedecided banana as the first solid and would introduced avocado on Sunday. Right now, we will give him one food feeding a day and let him decide how much or how little he wants. Breastmilk will remain his main source of nutrition for the first year so fruits and veggies will just be a bonus and help ease him into the world of self feeding. I don’t feel that there is any need to rush solids. We decided Anders is in charge when it comes to eating and I will happily give him more variety and volume if he chooses. Right now, I think we will stick to bananas and avocado pureed with some breastmilk for a few weeks and go from there. We try to feed either after his first nap of the day or later in the afternoon but no later than 4pm or 5pm as the newly introduced food may shake up the digestive system a bit and we don’t need any more sleep disturbances.

 You guys are crazy...boob please!