Friday, March 2, 2012

A cook in the Kitchen

 I have been delving into my cooking lately determined to get this cookbook completed by the end of the year. The number 50 is the goal meaning 50 vegan, gluten free, soy free healthy recipes. I also am working to make each recipe easy and ingredients nothing bizarre or peculiar. My hope is that all ingredients can be found at your local store without having to venture to a Whole Foods or health food store. Of course, not every recipe will be a main course so that will ease the demand of discovering and recreating all our childhood favorites.

I am no top chef and my kitchen mannerisms are far from acceptable chef etiquette. I’m messy. Sometimes unorganized. Half the food tends to end on the floor, on me and occasionally in Ander’s hair if he is strapped to my body but alas, the food tastes amazingly delicious and I am far exceeding my expectations thus far. I do not have any heroic prospects of my cookbook though what gets me excited is that I know there are a handful of buyers out there waiting to get their hands on my recipes (thank you aunts, uncles and friends). Well, thank goodness my mom is 1 of 12 because I think I could get at least 12 people excited about my educational, encouraging, and yummy cookbook. It isn’t just about recipes but also the whys and hows of better eating and living. No way I could simply throw together a cookbook without all the loads of information I have learned and experienced ending up on the pages. So, yes tidbits will be strewn throughout and most importantly, pictures, pictures, pictures. Who makes a cookbook without pictures of the finished product?! Annoying at best.

Off to the kitchen. Happy cooking or uncooking (for those yummy raw recipes)!


sallyaston said...

I am looking forward to it too. I am always looking for new recipes to support my vegetarian lifestyle :-)