Thursday, February 9, 2012

An Update

I have finally managed to sit myself down and not only start writing but actually finish a blog post. I have made many attempts in the past but a few sentences in I become completely distracted. I do have the best intentions to keep everyone up to date though I admit I have failed. I am so far behind that I do not even know where to begin. Anders is growing like a weed. He is exclusively breastfed and mama’s milk is definitely treating him well. He is an extremely happy baby and already has quite the sense of humor. He cracks me up and is actually in the midst of pulling off a double roll over as I am writing this. Everyone asks if ours lives have changed ummm yes. I have to laugh at that response. I mean, a human has entered into our lives so yes, life has changed but in the whole scheme of things, we still travel, train, and eat the same. I have to mention eating the same because people think that since I am breastfeeding I am eating different. I am still simply a fruit and veggie girl.

We bring Anders with us every where. He has already flown 10 times. He has been to California twice, Chicago twice, Colorado and is whisked off to Connecticut or Vermont on most other weekends when we aren’t flying. He does very well during flights and cars and late night travel excursions. The one thing Anders doesn’t do well at is sleeping through the night. He is up at least 4 times a night. He always wants to eat and/or cuddle with mommy. A good night’s sleep has not existed since his birth but he has healthy and wonderfully happy during the day so I will put up with the interrupted sleep. I have managed to find easier ways of dealing with his night wakings that help me to feel better rested during the day. I am a wimpy mom and cannot stand to hear him cry so despite all evidence that a good cry it out will help him self soothe into a peaceful nights rest…I simply cannot do it. We did attempt 1 week of crying to sleep and self soothing at night. One night he cried for over an hour and then I started crying and then Mike pretty much started crying. Yep, that was it. No more cry it out. I can’t stand it. It is horrible. So, we find a happy medium that works for all of us.

Besides being a happy mommy, I am still training. I don’t have any set goals quite yet just enjoying feeling strong and fast again without the pressure of having to perform. I am working on a few other life goals including finishing up my vegan, gluten free, soy free, grain free cookbook. Yes, I will shorten the long descriptive title. It is a fun project that definitely challenges me and my taste buds (yummy!). Also, I am hoping to start putting pen to paper on a chapter book. Well, I am just trying to write at least 1 hour a day. My creative brain power is mostly foggy and in a million directions for the chapter book but a few ideas spring to life every now and then. What else?! Oh yes, I am also attempting to learn Spanish and sign language (for Anders). Luckily there are many amazing and free podcasts that I can listen to as I am running to help with my Spanish (not sign language…don’t think that would quite work as an audio).

I promise to write soon with more than just an update.