Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Need Some Good News

I’ve never experienced this side of life before. It is a side of life that I wish upon no one. I just am struggling and it is so hard when life just can’t seem to give any good news. I really would love a little lift but it seems more bad than good lately or maybe it is simply how I am feeling right now. I mean, I have certainly enjoyed moments in the past few days though there’s an underlying sadness that I can’t shake. I’m trying. I’m trying to be upbeat and all smiles and feel the happiness in the small things but I’m hurt. I’m so hurt and I don’t know what it’s going to take to lift me up. Maybe the answer is simply time. Maybe the days and the good moments will begin to fill the void I feel in my heart. I hate to be such a bummer though I promised honesty and honestly, it is very hard right now.

Well, with each new day there is hope so crossing my fingers for a solid nights sleep with good dreams (no more nightmares!) and to a beautiful morning filled with optimism.