Friday, August 19, 2011

Heads UP

As I have painfully learned over these past few months, life doesn’t always go according to plan. I had visions of a beautiful homebirth with my husband, our little birth team, and me floating in water calm and relaxed. Yes, those initial visions were wonderful void of interventions, drugs, and hospital hostility. Unfortunately, baby buttons is heads up in a frank breech position meaning both feet are up by his head and butt is wedged deep in my pelvis. We discovered our baby was breech at 33 weeks and since that very moment, I started taking action.

First, I began with the most natural, least intrusive ways to flip my child head down. I did everything from crawling on all fours, elephant walking, inversions, visualization, hanging upside down, handstands in water, freezing my poor child’s head, flashlights at the lower end of my belly, and I even upped my yoga to 3x a week (feeling very stretchy these days). None of those things got the baby any closer to turning so I upped the ante even more and began daily excursions to the chiropractor and acupuncturist for moxibustion. Baby was still laughing at me pretty much saying yo, ma, I like it heads up in here. Well, Mike and I decided we needed to take the big guns out and attempt to manually turn baby buttons. External version is quite intense especially since I agreed to take on the full gamut of drugs to get my compact, muscle tight belly to loosen. No, I do not like drugs or any sort of intense intervention but in the US, if you have a breech baby, it basically means you are going to get sliced and diced and that’s no good. So, there I was IV’ed, hospitaled, epiduraled, robed with ass hanging out having Dr. M throw down some major pile drivers on my tummy in a sweat inducing attempt to get my child to move. Well, after over an hour of wrestling with my belly Baby Buttons shifted a magnificent 2 inches to the right. Basically, this baby has no room to turn because my belly is unhorizontal and I’m very muscular and unjiggly wiggly. So, what does everyone tell me…you need a scheduled c-section. What the?! I can’t even start labor? and honestly, does breech really mean I can’t deliver naturally. hmmm, a very tough place for my husband and I to be in.

After much research and talking, we decided we still needed to be given the opportunity to do a natural birth. Problem was no one in New York City wants to go near a breech baby unless it is with a very sharp knife. Literally, after making call after call, I found one – yes, only one – doctor in all of New York or even within 2 hours of the city that has not only tremendous experience delivering breech babies but was willing and happy to let me give it a go and push this baby out bum first. So, here were my choices: c-section, Dr. R, or run off into the woods and do it myself (tempting as this was, I do not have any intentions of putting the baby in any sort of danger). Yesterday, we swiped the credit card once again **cash only please because insurance would say hell no to breech delivery** dropping major $$ simply to attempt to have a natural birth, craziness. Sadly, I will have to be in the hospital closely monitored but really, it was and is my only option.

Visualization and vocalization are key for me to somewhat get what I want and how I want it. I do like the doctor and trust her very much but I also know that any time you step into a hospital there are rules and protocols to be followed though let me say something right now…if I want to birth on all fours, I am birthing on all fours!!! Should be an interesting experience. Definitely a bit more scary though I am putting a lot of faith in my little baby that they will make their way into this world without any delays. I need that. I really need that.


hillary biscay said...

WOW! this is crazy stuff! clearly i have a lot to learn before i become a mom. so interesting, kate--thank you for sharing. thinking of you guys lots. xo