Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Weekend

After a very busy July 4th weekend, these past two days have allowed me some much needed rest and slower training. We celebrated my father in-law’s 60th birthday with a huge surprise bash on Friday night and then Mike and I decided to do a late night drive north to the Vermont house so we could start the day of training on some of our most favorite hills. Of course, pulling into the driveway at 2:30am is never good for two of your most avid sleep devotees but we pushed through.

Mike is officially going to toe the start line at the Vermont 100 in 10 days so he has been crash training (if there is such a thing) these past 4 weeks. In a normal world, if you find out that you received a roll down spot into a 100-mile race only 5 weeks before the race and your training hasn’t been exactly 100-miler focused typically you would say ya know, maybe not this year though in our heads, it seems like a fun challenge. Luckily, during CFA study time, Mike was running 10 miles every other day and doing some longer type walks. It is all about the time spent on the feet not speed so he may be in a better position than he thinks. Well, 100-milers are supposed to hurt…it is really about how long you can avoid that pain.

While Mike was running/trekking through some 25-30 miles each day, I would either jump on my mountain bike and ride next to him or Mike would be kind enough to allow some slower type hiking miles so that I can shuffle along. Sunday, we decided to add a climb and descent up Mt. Snow then Monday, Mike was feeling a bit beat up and decided we should do the entire 13 mile death loop together. My legs were already trashed from climbing mountains the day before but baby and I were in for a long slow up n’ down walk shuffle. Well, let’s just say my legs got punished. By the end of our 3h10min. Vermont hike, I was wobbling like I had just ran a 50-mile race. It actually felt quite nice to have very sore legs again though I knew that very sore legs and pregnancy meant I would be needed some extra sleep and less training over the next few days (sad but true). Who knew a walk-shuffle could be so brutal?!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate...or "Hi Mike's wife", as I called you at the Vermont 100 between 1-2am this past weekend :)

My name is Jodi (a guy, not girl) and I ran with Mike for 50-60k early on and then met up with him again in the last few hours after he did his "effing snow angels in the grass" :) I had looked for you guys after the race, but didn't see you around and just wanted to say a big 'thanks' to Mike for the company along the way, and especially his drunken-like entertainment in the last few hours :) Hopefully all is well now.

If you could pass along my email address to him, that would be great ( Best of luck with your new arrival next month too!

Take care,