Thursday, June 16, 2011

You know you have good friends when...

So, no...this isn't a current picture but it looked nice and fast and like I was able to breath

Somehow, I can still manage to drag my riding buddy Tommy out onto the roads with me. I know it probably isn’t his most proud moment riding along side a 7-month, heavy breathing pregnant woman but Tommy is a good friend. Of course, I do have to tell him that in order to ride with me he has to wake up before 5am and run 12 miles with my husband. I want to make sure his legs and heart are somewhat abused before venturing out with me for 30 miles at a blazing 16mph pace. The plan always is an 11am meet up at the Sage road and 9w intersection. I drive myself out of the city over the George Washington Bridge and tuck my car into a nice little neighborhood – and next to woods so I can tinkle before takeoff – and then I can start riding with a nice wide shoulder…see, I’m not completely hazardous with baby (only sometimes). Tommy is my little protector out on the roads so I am definitely grateful for that because I just wouldn’t feel as safe without him. He even puts up with my abrasive yelling up hills cussing at the person who thought it was funny to continually add hills to our route. Plus, there are also fights with the baby and lung space. I hope Tommy enjoys these slow days now because there will be a time in the near future where I will be making him pay for his snickering.