Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Power of Change

Two years ago, I watched my brother-in-law struggle terribly to hike to the top of one of my favorite peaks in Vermont. I had dragged all my family members to the top to see the awesome views but no one was hurting quite as bad as Marc. Of course, I had to heckle him a bit though felt guilty when I noticed that he had suddenly realized he wasn’t in a good place health wise. It was a hard realization. It is never a good moment in life when you recognize something in yourself that needs changing.

I have heard so many empty promises from people swearing they were going to become healthy, lose weight , eat more fruits and veggies. I hate simply hearing and then never actually seeing people doing. It is disheartening and annoying. Just try and get healthy or don’t but please don’t rattle off all your health fantasies to me. Marc never rattled, never promised, never set unreachable goals. He simply put his head down and got his body to work. The transformation was pretty unbelievable. He began with a little 'from couch to 5k' training program and slowly jogged/walked his way to being able to run with the front group of his running club. He gradually shifted his diet towards a fruit and veggie focus. Nothing was crazy drastic but he was crazy committed.

Yesterday I watched him finish his first marathon…120 lbs. less. This was definitely not an easy marathon. Marc endured 26.2 miles of backwoods trails including all the trail goodies of long climbs, rocks, miles of sand running, heat and lack of salt pills (sorry Marc!), and not your most fully stocked aid stations. He was quite the champ out there…very inspiring. Way to go Marc -- you are an inspiration to many and certainly proof of the power of positive change!!!