Thursday, June 2, 2011


About three times a week, I will have a conversation with Mike explaining how I feel a bit heavier these days when I run. He kindly listens to my repetitive discoveries of pregnancy and then asks if we are going to have to have this conversation next week. I said, of course we will because I know next week I will probably feel heavier than this week and who else really wants to hear about ligament stretching, pelvic shifting and bouncing belly drama…not many people but you, Mike, are half of this growing heaviness and will pretend you care about my trivial observations. Mike’s final questions of our heavy run talks usually are something like, you do know you are pregnant, right? And you do know that you will grow bigger until September? What?! I had no idea. I’m going to have to get bigger? Ugh.

I do have to always remind Mike that I simply am discussing how I feel each day and since I love my training and swim, bike, running adventures, I am simply stating that I am not feeling light or floaty or fast though I did feel fast yesterday when I was running from streak lightening explaining to the baby that we need to pump out some sub-8min. miles in order to avoid getting us fried like bacon (roadside 2-for-1 special!). Luckily, Dad came to the rescue and while I was only a ½ mile from the cabin, a ½ mile can be a long way these days. One thing I have learned is that pregnancy fast is much different than normal fast. Anything under 9 min. miles is pretty much equal to a sub-5 min mile and my heart and legs are starting to believe 6 mile runs are really actually 20 mile runs. To the growing little one, I just say let’s keep on trucking and sometimes have to have the occasional roadside conversation with the belly baby explaining that we need to work together here and that you (baby) should consider moving off the bladder.