Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Baby and A Name

When I was training in Thailand, there was a masseuse that lived less than 100 yds. down the road offering spectacular 1h30min massages that cost about $6 US dollars. Truly a win win for an over tired, sore muscled girl. I had a massage about 3x a week. You would think it would be everyday but sadly, there were some days where either I didn’t have time or I didn’t have the energy to move my body down the longlong road. Sometimes, the bed wins.

The masseuse was a small beautiful woman named Temsuri. She had an infectious smile and an understated confidence about her. Temsuri was one of the few people in our area that was able to speak English so we would chat a bit about our lives. One afternoon, we were talking about my husband and I asked if she was married or had any kids. It was the first time I had seen her entire demeanor change. A sadness came upon her and had me feeling guilty that I even brought up the subject but she went on with her story and explained that she wasn’t able to have children. She told me how much she loved kids and their unfailing energy for life and their ability to live in the moment. I wasn’t really sure how to respond as I felt there weren’t any words that could help her understand how sorry I was though before I said anything, she turned to me with her heartfelt brown eyes and asked me if I had a daughter…could I name her Temsuri. I didn’t take even two seconds to respond – I said absolutely. The look that spread across her face was remarkable. It was like I lifted the weight of the world off her shoulders.

Well, truthfully, I never thought about this story since. I mean, kids were 5 years down the road, right?! That was until I became pregnant 9 months later. First, I thought this has to be a girl (of course, I have no idea just a hunch) and my child is going to kill me because I have to name her Temsuri. I explained to my husband that we have to use this name, somehow, if we have a girl otherwise I’ll surely be haunted or be given 10 years of horribly bad luck. Yes, I’m superstitious and also just can’t completely forget my promise not when it was only a year ago that I made that promise. Well, luckily there are such things as middle names.