Monday, June 20, 2011

Almost 29 weeks

Baby and I are going on 29 weeks! We are rumbling along…quite literally actually as yesterday we ended up on some rather off road type mountain trails. Nothing too crazy but I did apologize a few times to baby because we did hit a few rougher type patches though we were only going maybe (and I mean maybe) 6 mph. Haha, incredible speeds. Running has recently become a bit more problematic so we are cutting back on distance and slowing it down but I still manage to be on my feet about 30 miles per week between walking and running. I’ve completely fallen in love with my granny style mountain biking and I have been getting wet more often then not. Pumping iron is still in the mix even though the boys at the gym give me the awkward stare – I just turn the music up and continue slamming around my 8lb dumbbells and throwing down some incredible 15-20 reps. Most importantly is that we are feeling good and hopefully can continue to cruise along nicely to the labor line.