Monday, May 16, 2011

Treasures and Trails

Our little getaway house is finally coming together. I truly had no idea how much effort, energy, and money it took to fill an empty house. Beds, frames, couches, dishes, silverware, tables, sheets…oh bother but the good news is that this weekend was the first weekend I did not come home with a list of things we needed. I, of course, have things I want in order to turn the house into a comfy little home away from home but that will take time and diligence as I made the rule that the only thing allowed in from this point on is antiques.

I have a vision! This weekend I went on my very first antiquing marathon (ah, the things you get to do when pregnant). Yep, all day I strolled through antique stores and yard sales and found the most amazing items…each piece adding its own story to our lake house and yes, the definite possibility for future hauntings – part of the adventure. I still have yet to master the art of wheeling and dealing much to my husband’s disappointment. I say to Mike look at this amazing old apple bucket. only 2 dollars Mike. 2$! He then butts in with a…did you offer less then 2 dollars? Ugh!

After mornings of browsing and buying, I then headed into the trails for a bit of a run/hike. Our little Connecticut trails near our house offer quite the mixture of runnable terrain and only hikable terrain which is a perfect little mix for me as running is much more fun (and less achy) when you get to go up and over with a mix of hiking and climbing thrown in. I have completely fallen in love with my new found trails and find myself slowly drift into a world of calm and quiet.

Where was Mike during these days full of old treasures and muddy runs…studying, studying, studying. He has CFA level 3 coming June 5 and this is one man determined to pass the final test (only can take once a year). I certainly do not know much of these financial exams but anything with only a 30-40% pass rate and so many books with unrecognizable jargon has certainly got to be a doozy.