Friday, May 6, 2011

Growing Bump and Runs

I am sitting at 22 weeks, a much welcome time of pregnancy. It is the point where you aren’t too big, not too tired, not too achy. I am in coasting mode simply nesting upon my eggs so to speak. Luckily, I am still able to run quite comfortably and jog out 10 mile runs without any glitch except for the unavoidable pee stops every 1.5 miles (a lot of circling in Central Park). To be completely honest, I could run longer than 10 miles however things begin to feel less happy and I will mildly suffer from some sort of residual effect the next day. Luckily, if feeling the need to be on my feet a bit longer, my body responds positively to walking after the 10 miles which puts my hyperactive mind and legs at ease.

The thing that I have found throughout all my pregnancy do and do not studying sessions is that no one really knows much about exercise and pregnancy. Speculation, theory and some amazingly animated opinions are really all the studies (or lack there of) have amounted to. They will say some form of exercise is healthy aka do not simply plop yourself in a seated position for 9 months and anticipate great results but where do we go from there? I have been warned about a million times…watch that heart rate, don’t go above 140bpm, don’t sweat too much, don’t run down hill --- don’t, don’t, don’t but of course, I just do, do, do what feels natural and comfortable. I mean, let’s be frank, the people lecturing me on the do nots of exercising aren’t exactly pillars of motion (if ya know what I’m saying). So, I move without monitoring heart rate or allocating fixed amount of times and distances. I go and go at what is comfortable. I am by no means fast and am not in anyway overextending myself. I’m just being me and training until I think – yep, not feeling 100% anymore so it is time to either stop, slow down, or eat (yummy!). The one thing that I do think is enormously important is hydration. Hydration before, during and after. Pre runs I make sure to gulp down some type of liquid calories either in the form of coconut water or fresh squeezed orange juice followed with a banana or 2 then during the run I carry my hand held water bottle forcing myself to drink even though thirst isn’t calling. After my workouts, it is shake time and shake time means lots of water and Vega Shake + green romaine goodness. How do I know it works well…because I feel energized, strong and baby is kicking away these days.

Happy Runs!!!