Thursday, May 26, 2011

Golden Birthdays

I was in 3rd grade and remember quite clearly sitting at lunch with my friend as she explained in detail all about her ‘golden’ birthday adventures. She was turning the big number 9 on the 9th of April and according to her and her mother, this had to be the most fantastic birthday she would ever know. Her list was endless, full of shopping extravaganzas, pampering day (who doesn’t need a pampering day at the age of 9?), a trip to Florida, slumber parties, and ransacking of candy stores. I sat in awe…golden birthdays were definitely a once in a life phenomenon that absolutely could not be missed. Of course, lucky for me (I suppose), I had another 17 years to plan mine and if I intended on keeping with my 3rd grade girlfriend’s tradition, I probably needed the extra years to organize my golden extravaganza!

So, here I sit – 26 on the 26th of May and while I may not have an endless list of birthday exploits, I certainly have a golden birthday. I don’t really know when that time comes in one’s life when birthdays become more about counting your blessings instead of counting presents. To be surrounded by people I love most in this world and to be able to laugh, play games and eat an extra helping of graham cracker honey roasted apples is a perfect day to me. Obviously, it helps to be able to stare out onto the lake all day watching fishermen stroll in and out of the weed beds with the biggest challenge of my afternoon being the search for that perfect stick to roast marshmallows and I always enjoy hearing my brother complain about being dragged onto another one of our stupid biking or kayaking adventures – he really truly loves it, deep down. Stressful days here…very stressful days.

My sister Peggy along with Jason and the two kids arrive today and my dad will pull a late night drive to get up here hopefully before tomorrow’s sunrise. I hate that we are missing a few essential pieces to the family – Mike, my sister Christy and husband Marc, and my brother Paul. It can get pretty crazy around here when everyone’s together but I take what I can get and simply enjoy having more bodies around.

Today I count my blessings and am tremendously grateful that life’s good has severely outweighed the bad and even happier that the bad resembled only small stumbles this past year.

And With all that said, I now sit and wait until the thermometer reads at least 50 degrees before we head out onto the bikes and yes, a brick run – the first in 8 months consisting of maybe 1-2 miles at a blazing 9 min. pace.