Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Biking with Baby

Before heading to Wisconsin, I really wanted to pack up my tri bike and ship her up to the cabin. I still am feeling quite comfortable on the bike due to a few gradual shifts in bar and seat height. It has come that time where I can only run at most 5 days during the week…anymore than five days leaves my belly ligaments and pelvis begging for mercy. I actually prefer only to run 4 days a week running (jogging) between 6-10 miles each run. The other days I hop on the bike and I still like to throw in double workouts varying among swim, bike, run and gym combinations all depending on energy levels and weather situations.

So, yes, I was concerned I wouldn’t have a bike in Wisconsin and was completely saddened at the thought of not riding but with the painful process of packing a bike, shipping a bike, paying for the shipping of the bike and all the ailments that could come during the bike’s journey – I decided to leave my bike shipping to when it was absolutely necessary. Luckily, an idea came to my little brain…bring my pedals and bike shoes and steal one of my brothers’ mountain bikes. No, do not worry; I have no intentions of riding off road or down mountain sides. I stick to quiet roads these days or even low volume bike paths.

My brother’s bike actually suits me quite well. I am close to the handle bars with a low seat so the belly is not crunched nor are my lungs. I get to be clipped in so I still feel like a real biker and I move in complete slow motion but am huffing and puffing despite low speeds. Even my legs are challenged because my position on the bike certainly puts all the workload on my quads. My mom is happy because she can ride with me though now she should be riding ahead me. My brother thinks it is great to challenge me to workouts and actually be able to beat me. I wish I could say that I enjoy being slow and sluggy but that competitive side of me hates losing. Sad…I know. Fortunately, I am already starting to blame all my shortcomings on the baby. Aren’t I such a wonderful mom?!