Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Pregnant Pause

The pregnant pause. I am 4 months pregnant!!! Ah yes, I remember the days fondly -- Attempting to figure out what was wrong with me though secretively knowing the answer but pretending not to know the answer because it was scary and surprising and causing my head to spin. Not 1 pregnancy test or 2 pregnancy tests but 5 positive pregnancy tests later then a trip to the obgyn and a visual of the child growing inside plus hearing the heart rate yes then I realized that I am indeed pregnant. Wow! It took quite awhile for it to sink in. I was on the five year wait plan and gave about 5 lectures during Christmas that babies weren’t coming until I was 30 (and funny enough I was actually pregnant with my child who was quietly snickering at me for my ignorance). I guess holiday parties should provide warnings…as well as peppermint schnapps.

Luckily, Mike was as happy as can be. Never even a flicker of shock in his eyes. He has been calmly waiting for this moment. He was ready to be a daddy. I needed a few months to think ok I am liking this idea of being a mom. So, don’t worry. I am so so happy now. It just took awhile to kind of sort out how life would change because let me tell you, having a child changes your ENTIRE life. I love it now but what I do not love is being pregnant. I know it may seem selfish but I am truly ecstatic to have the little one in my arms just not so much in my belly. I am finally breaking free of the nausea all day everyday phase so that’s a blessing. January and February were miserable miserable months. I never knew I could feel so bad. I some how managed to get myself moving for an hour a day but oh it was not pretty…always needed that toilet nearby and food was a whole other issue. Now that I’m 4 months along, the days are looking much clearer. Salads are back on the menu and I am able to actually do some normal (but much slower paced) training. That has made me a much happier mama. I will provide some baby bump pictures in the near future though right now, the bump isn’t really all that exciting. Just looks like a small bit of bloating and a bad 5-day binge on donuts. Sorry for the absence but this girl was in SHOCKville.