Friday, December 10, 2010

Goal Number 1

What to do…where to go? Those are the thoughts that have been swirling around my mind. After a beautiful full week refresher in California, I have some what sorted out my approach to 2011. I’m not the type that likes to play the game of life by the books. I also am certainly not the sort to settle for meeting half-way or doing something without heart or passion. Hmmm, an interesting dilemma as triathlon has been my life for the last 3 years and I loved every minute and every challenge but there were things missing. Life didn’t seemed perfect even though I was supposedly living the perfect life. Triathlon set me up for some huge tests and while I met some head on others I failed. Maybe it had something to do with my heart being half in and half out. It was a year of learning and a year of enduring the ugly side of sport. No one likes the ugly side and sometimes I felt as if I was treading water with my hands above my head knowing if I didn’t change my ways I was going to sink.

So, I guess there is the question – am I going to sink or swim in 2011…I would like to swim and swim in an entirely new direction (no thank you to sinking). The biggest change --- I want to qualify for the Olympic trials for the Marathon. In numbers that means running under a 2:46. In my mind that means running a 2:42 and then making a huge push to run super speedy in the trials. What that means for triathlon is keeping her on the back burner (not a complete good bye just a pause) and putting down the bike and keeping dry (unless water running!). I get to put all my athletic energy towards running and running faster, stronger, and having the ability to hold 6 min. miles for 26.2 miles. I love it. I love everything about my goal. I love everything about running. The most important part is that this is 100% what I WANT to do and has nothing to do with making money or attracting sponsors or being a smart business girl. It has to do with what makes me energized, happy, excited. The best part is that this will translate perfectly into the rest of my life. Running will not consume my entire life but actually give me chance to make my other dreams come true and work towards other passions and goals.

I have 5 huge goals for 2011…

1. Qualify for the Olympic Trials

number 2 – 5 coming soon!