Sunday, October 31, 2010


Miami certainly did not turn out as I had hoped. It was officially the first race I did not finish and while I am beyond bummed to not have crossed that finish line, I honestly didn’t have another option. Around mile 2 or so, I hit a pothole the size of Canada and since I happened to be going uphill on the probably the only uphill on the course, I ended up doing a lazy tumble onto the curb. The lazy tumble hit my brake and derailleur quite hard and I couldn’t get things back to working order. I needed an Allan wrench to readjust my brake and a bike genius to figure out how to heal my Ceepo. I kept riding in hopes of a mechanic. No one actually knew if there was mechanics on the course so I was determined to keep grinding it out. Around mile 15, I couldn’t do much more as my back had enough of the big gear, brake rubbing fiesta. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise because my bike doesn’t have the best fit yet and my back wasn’t happy and still isn’t happy.

I manually shifted my chain to the little gear and ended up having to take the ride of shame home. Apparently the only way back to the finish was riding the course in reverse. Everyone continued to point out that I was going the wrong way and as I started approaching the finish, people actually thought I was winning the race and applauding my entrance. I was so embarrassed but kept riding as I had no clue where I was and just wanted to get back to the hotel. Soon bigger crowds were forming and begin cow-belling me and whooping and hollering…that’s when I took a 90degree veer off the course, got off my bike and tried to look as unracer-esque as possible. I love Miami’s spirit though it was directed to the wrong person. As a million and one negative thoughts flowed through my brain, I actually was able to act on the one positive idea and that was to fetch my run shoes and head back to the hotel for a ½ marathon treadmill run.

Obtaining my shoes was quite the impossible task but finally convinced the race director that if I wasn’t able to get my run shoes I may walk into oncoming traffic (I had to be overly dramatic in order to get any where as the transition was ‘locked down’). So now the job was to figure out how to get back to the hotel with my bike and run shoes, hat, and bananas. Lucky for me, I had on stretchy bottoms and literally shoved everything in the back of my shorts. I am proud to say that even though I was mentally out of it and a bit sad, I was able to do a strong treadmill session. I was so upset that I may have let people down and didn’t want to see Mike as I thought that he may be so disappointed but he is the best ever because all he says is…Katie, at least you weren’t hurt. Shit will happen in races. We will train for the next race where you will be stronger then ever.