Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ceepo Katana

My newest riding partner is up and ready. Still a few tweaks that will need to happen but for now, I will let’er be and make changes after Miami. I just need to get some ride time on her to make sure knees, back, neck are adjusted as best as possible. I am so excited to race and while, it is probably never the smartest to race until your bike is 100% fitted…I think we will be fine. I really believe the Ceepo Katana will fit me like a glove. I am planning on heading out to Boulder, Colorado early December to get a proper fit from the best in the world. Our newest quote flying around the house is Sharpen the Sword – 2011 tri season is all about sharpening the sword, doing what needs to be done, making sure everything has a purpose and a focus. I love it!