Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sometimes you just have to sew!

Through this entire crazy year and mild upheavals, BlueSeventy has pretty much been the only sponsor to stay by my side. Actually, believe it or not…they actually reached out to me. I have to thank them wholeheartedly because truly I don’t think many believe in me even though I’m finally starting to believe in myself and that is the most important thing anyways. Anywho, with the new rule changes regarding speedsuits, it left a few companies scrapping and saying where, when, how? BlueSeventy will have a suit out early October latest but kind of left me scratching as what to do in the mean time. I’m crossing my fingers that Wisconsin is a wetsuit swimathon but there is a possibility that we will have to thin suit it…what’s a girl to do then?

Yes, quite the conundrum. I most certainly do not want to spend upwards of $200 simply to get a possible one use out of a speedsuit. The thought of going full on Baywatch style the entire race with my favorite red, cat suit like speedo crossed my mind more then once but two things truly troubled me and that was the thought of practicing my biking and running in the swimsuit through Central Park which I don’t think would go unnoticed and may cause complete pandemonium as my white cheeks flash out from the backside…2nd concern is the fact the I have fears of camel toe protrusion during the race (actually, more like nightmares). Ok so nix the suit. Maybe attempt a sports bra, tri shorts swim…ah, nope. I think it was 2 years ago 70.3 Florida. My first triathlon. I thought I’d be brilliant and avoid the time-consuming step of unzipping a speed suit so went in full on tritop, tribottom realizing about 5 minutes into the swim that my shorts had literally ballooned to the size of Oprah Winfrey on one of her binges. Holy Water Balloon! I attempted to take them off with no avail because I super knotted the tie. Thank goodness because this definitely saved a few awkward moments as fellow swimmers would recognize that the white whale is, in actuality, a bare ass. Morale of the story---don’t double knot your shorts! Ok so red speedo option OUT, bra short option OUT, only thing left to do…

Scavenge through my drawers for some type of tight swim appropriate, material legal, above the knees, and not to flashy outfit. Nylons? possibly, maybe, no. How about bib shorts? just weird. and then I Discovered, again, 2 viable options – one I would have to cut the legs to go above my knee but unfortunately have no idea the material of the suit or the brand to find out what material it is so had to bypass. Option two, an old swimskin with a whopping hole in the back end. Actually, a perfect cut hole and I thought to myself
I could sew this beauty up no problem. Yes no one will even know. Or actually maybe I sew it with red thread so that everyone does know and it completely psyches them out.

Yes, so there you have it. I am opting for a sewed up speedsuit. If there’s a will, there’s a way and damn’t I’m making a way.