Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rest and Recovery

7 days of rest and recovery. True rest and recovery. A complete hiatus from all things swim, bike, run and now I’m finally going a bit stir crazy. Most people would say then go on ahead and do some training but of course, my body would be missing the entire point. Everyone has their own ideas about how and when to rest…totally rest. This would be considered total rest. I did break a few days ago and decided a jog/walk would be a marvelous thing though the legs failed to cooperate and after 20min. I was forced to walk. This cemented the fact in my mind that rest, total rest is positive and healthy and will lead to beautiful things (also helps I am without my bike so temptation does not exist).

Happily tomorrow begins day 1 of countdown to Miami 70.3 but next week is nothing crazy just a little aerobic running and biking with a few bike workouts towards the end of the week being slightly harder and I will begin upping the ante on my pool training. Mentally and energy wise I am so excited to embark on year 3 of pro triathlon (even though year 3 isn’t officially until after the last race of the season) because I have had some major break throughs which have mostly all occurred on the mental side of the game. Over the past 7 days, I have had plenty of time to study and analyze where I can improve, how I can improve, and all the little steps it will take to get there. I had some great thoughts come to me while taking some truly intense walks with the dog. The key part is now that I know what I am suppose to do…can I execute? This is tricky because this is what has seperated the tier-1 pros from the best of the tier-2 pros which is where I currently rank. I’ve been out worked and out smarted. Ugh! I hate that feeling. So, come 2011 season I want to know that I could not have worked harder, smarter, or sustained one more intense workout. This Is now a head game because we are coming into NYC winter where solo training and indoor training are unavoidable but both are also as good (or even greater) to gaining speed and fitness so this girl must put her focus hat on and see what truly lies within these muscles. I don’t like 4th place and even worse is 8th place. Time to buckle up and buckle down (really makes no sense but you get the picture). This next winter will either make me or break me. Go big or go home. If there were any more ridiculous sayings that I could throw in I would. I’m am so so excited to get going and also am still trying to finagle a winter training camp in Jan. or Feb. Hawaii anyone?!