Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Rant

Nope, this definitely won't be my kindest blog but sometimes you just can't be nice. You have to be straightforward.

Over the past 16 weeks, I haven’t done too much jet-setting around the globe except for one little trip to northern Wisconsin. I have stayed low key in order to maintain a quality training routine that would allow both my mind and body to start absorbing some much needed hard work. Yesterday, I realized the hard way that I had created a delusional world in my head and convinced myself that we, America, were getting on the right track with health and attitude. It is very easy for any of us to create isolated perfect worlds. Even while living smack dab in NYC, I somehow managed to maintain a world that made me almost forget that my world isn’t the normal or average world. Most everyone I associate with is overly active, eats an abundance amount of fruits and veggies, is truly happy, actually thinks about intellectual thoughts instead of simply who is going to win this weekend’s football game (don't get me worng, I love football but not quite thought provoking conversation). I surround myself with energy. Positive energy and most importantly people who care about themselves which in turn, allows them to care about the world. It is a hugely important concept that people often tend to overlook. Many view taking care of themselves as selfish (some do, others are just plain lazy) but more likely this is an easy excuse not to take that step. I really believe people need to focus first and foremost on their own happiness and health before truly being able to give openly to everyone else. I know…yell at me. Trust me, you can do both simultaneously but if you don’t heal yourself then something is going to give. One thing I know for sure is that once you lose your health, life becomes tough very tough.

So why am I ranting? Well, I had to reserve a last minute flight to Chicago and my options were limited to one airline, JetBlue (they charge a flat rate of $50 for bikes while others are now all but asking for your first born child in order to get your bike on the plane). So, Jetblue it is...middle seat. No problem until I discovered my lovely neighbors. Man #1 – 100lbs over weight with the addition of random groans. Man #2 – unshowered, horrific breathe, stained clothes, and no concept that it isn’t comforting to be stared at for hours on end. You may think I am being unkind but I think I’m actually being too kind. While I sat arms tight to my sides snacking on my pineapple, these two men go on to ask for TRIPLES of potatoe chips and peanuts while quenching their thirst with nice cold Coca-Cola. I wish I was exaggerating about this. Man #2 actually rubbed his hands on his shorts and then of course fell asleep with his head turned towards me, mouth wide open, and sending me into my ultimate disspair as it smelled as if something had walked into his gapping mouth and died. Hoping to distract myself, I decided to attempt to plug my headset into my armrest realizing that Man#1’s legs were in fact spilling over and covering the hole. Do a push his leg down in order to plug in my headset? Do I wake him up? Am I suppose to feel sorry for him that he is overweight even though I just saw him eat 1200calories of fat, grease and sugar? Well, I just go for it touching his leg and then getting an evil look as if I invaded his space. UGH! I was peeved and sick and nauseated thinking how disgusting can one be? Where is the complete disconnect of actually allowing this to be acceptable? Have some decency! And stop making excuses, stop being lazy, stop not caring and get a hold of yourself people – and even if you cannot fathom getting healthy then take a shower. Please.

It is important to surround ourselves with people who force us to hold ourselves accountable for our own lives. People who help you become a better person are truly assets and dime a dozen. It isn't easy to walk outside the comfort bubble in order to make room for change but once you take that first step, things always tend to fall into place. Never let go of good people.


Bruther said...

At least someone has the cojones to say what you are saying in public

tarathoner said...

Absolutely Brilliant!!!