Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My City

Yesterday night, I had to take a quick walk down the street to grab some pineapples from our local fruit stand. It was a rainy evening with some fervent downpours creating random city lakes and tidal waves from speeding taxis. I had the pleasure of experiencing the city tsunami which completely drenched me from head to toe. I, of course, was taking great caution tiptoeing around any and all water holes and walking meticulously from heel to toe in order to avoid staining my perfectly white sneakers. I was doing so well until I successfully cleared one of NYC’s most recently formed lake on 63rd and Broadway and amidst my celebratory dance a yellow taxi flies by at ridiculous speeds and launches a vicious watery attack upon my white shoes and my mostly dry body…the water even sneakily seeped into my raincoat down into my skivvies. It was a scene directly from a movie and left me quite saddened at the thought that my shoes may never be white again. Even in my sadness, I couldn’t help but fall more in love with my city. There, outside at Lincoln Center in the crazy rain, stood hundreds of people from all over the world standing side by side (umbrella to umbrella) staring and admiring the most beautiful display of art, talent, and emotion…the Opera (projected on a large movie screen). I have little understanding of Opera but even without ever truly appreciating the art, I quickly fell in awe. It has a power to awaken something emotional within you and you stop and stare and wonder even if for a brief second. As I walked away, I took a glance back appreciating all the energy the city gives.